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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the goal of computing education is to encourage students to perform critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills. Both of these can be achieved by creating a classroom environment that supports lively interaction between an instructor and students. As a teacher, I have always made sure to create an environment in my class that encourages active learning through hands on experience for students. I have managed that by implementing multiple short quizzes and class activities that require students to work in groups. My industry experience as a Web developer has also helped me to teach skills and techniques that work well in industry.

My teaching philosophy reflects my interests in active learning. Instead of teaching with large lectures using PowerPoint presentations, I prefer student-centered teaching methodologies that encourage learning by both students and teachers. I favor classroom dynamics that permit dialogue between the students and me and make students to think about the class as a community. This means that I have students spend a fair amount of time in the classroom working with their peers in which they not only talk and think together, but also code together. I have taught programming both in the large classes with more than 100 students and small size classes with 15 students. In both cases I encouraged students to have open dialogues with their peers and me. In these classes, I focus on creating an environment where learning is measured by ability to apply knowledge rather than ability to absorb information by students.

Teaching Experience

Web-based Application Development (ITIS 2300)

Instructor - Summer 2015, Summer 2014, Summer 2013, Spring 2012, Fall 2011
Teaching Assistant - Fall 2013, Spring 2013

This course teaches students about the principles of web design. I taught HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP concepts to students. Students applied the learned programming skills to create multiple websites.

Human-Computer Interaction (ITIS 3130\6400\8400)

Teaching Assistant (123 students) - Spring 2015

This course teaches fundamentals of human-computer interfaces and its importance in the design of things people use. I facilitated in class group discussions, project presentations, created/graded weekly quizzes and projects, and helped them in weekly class activities.

Network based Application Development (ITIS 4166)

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2012

This course teaches server-side programming. I conducted 3 days workshop to teach basic of Java programming language and graded students’ individual projects.

Rapid Prototyping and Interface building (ITIS 3150)

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2010

In this course students learn how to create user interface prototypes using different mediums. I helped students learn tools like Balsamiq, Power Point, Axure to create prototypes and graded their assignments.

Interactive Media

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2006, Mississippi State University

Storytelling and Computer Animation

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2006, Mississippi State University